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Client Testimonials

“I was overwhelmed with the clutter in my house and ready to give up. As a last resort I “Googled” professional organizer and found Jasmine and made the call that changed my life. We started one room at a time turning chaos into serenity. Not only was my home getting uncluttered but so was my life. Jasmine not only organized my home but was able to help me get control of my life again. I feel great and my kids and I love our home again!!! Most importantly is Jasmine has taught me the tools to keep my home and life in order. Make the call, you won't regret it!! 

Jasmine you're the best”

Sandra ~ Langley, BC


"Working with Jasmine was an absolute delight! My bedroom was so disorganized and full of clutter that I felt stressed and overwhelmed by it. Not knowing where to start, I called Jasmine up and she very promptly came to my rescue. I felt at ease immediately as she is very personable and respectful. I was impressed by her professional expertise and her ability to keep me on track and focused on the task at hand. She is also very resourceful and is full of creative and practical ideas to share. Thank you Jasmine for your help with claiming back my space!"

Erica ~ Vancouver, BC 


"I first met Jasmine when my parents had hired her to assist them with organizing their garage. She did such an AMAZING job! I hoped that if she could tame the chaos of my parents garage, perhaps she could help with my chaotic finances! I had done budgets before, but I would make them very unrealistic, I couldn't maintain them.

 Jasmine created a balanced and realistic budget that can easily be managed.

She had me create some financial goals. I have such peace of mind knowing that all is in order. Financial stress can be such a burden, but Jasmine made it simple and realistic. I cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she professional, but she is fun and lighthearted. 

Once Jasmine has been in your life, you are the better for it!"

Katherine ~ Langley, BC


“Moving is stressful enough, but having Jasmine on your side makes things a lot easier! I found her to be extremely organized and professional from the sorting to shedding to packing she was there the whole step of the way. She provided so many useful tips and strategies to make the move run smoothly. Thank you Jasmine for the valuable Support you provided!”

L. Brian ~ Abbotsford, BC

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Jasmine was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Thank you Jasmine for helping me re-organize my home! Keep up the good work!”

Jeanine ~ Langley, BC


"Jasmine was an absolute godsend in my move. I was moving to a much smaller place that required a major downsizing. Jasmine helped me get organized and gave me the boost I needed to get started. She was there to assist me all through my move, and everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend her services to anyone. She is a delight to work with."

Maggie Rose ~ Burnaby, BC


"I was a skeptic when it came to professional organizers thinking it was something only the wealthy could afford and that I should have the skills necessary to do this for myself. No matter how much I "organized" on my own I continued to move things around my house and constantly have clutter, after my son was born I really wanted an environment for him that was consistent, so I bought myself a package with Jasmine for my birthday. The results have been long lasting. The time I now spend cleaning my house, looking for lunch boxes, socks, sheets or knowing what I need at the grocery store has been cut by at least 70%. This has reduced my daily stress, improved my marriage and created an environment where my children can be more self sufficient. It was well worth the money because it pays me back everyday in every way."

Rebbecca  ~ Aldergrove, BC


“Jasmine arrived totally prepared to reorganize and de-clutter our home. She had both the strategies and tools to assess and do the job including the dismantling and reassembling of our electronic devices from Amps to DVD players. Jasmine, while organizing our home, was both tactful and respectful of our feelings and our wants. Changing things in our home was very emotional for us and we found her to be very professional and yet still compassionate and caring toward us. Our home before Jasmine came was congested and cluttered. Now our home feels airy and we feel more energy within ourselves and through out our home. We will use the strategies she taught us in the future!”

Penny and Glenn ~ Maple Ridge, BC